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   What is PHPmyDbInterface?

PHP in my opinion is much more better than micro$oft ASP, not only because it's open source, C based, platform independent, can give a full freeware open source solution (PHP, mySQL, Apache, Linux) but also to the great database servers support in a native connection like mySQL, micro$oft SQL server, Oracle and many others beside the support of ODBC connections.
The main problem facing the database handling in PHP was always that you have to deal with each database in a different way than what you're dealing with another, so it was very difficult to divert from one database server to another without making major changes in your PHP code, that's why this project was made for.
PHPmyDbInterface is a PHP class (Freeware, open source, GPL License) that does the function of ADODB class in ASP, so you'll only change a config file and leaves the whole rest code untouched.

   Current Version

1.0 Alpha